Parents Talk: Should Social Media Be Used to Punish Your Teenager?

In this week's installment of Parents Talk, we ask parents if one North Carolina father was out-of-line in doling out punishment for his teenage daughter via YouTube and Facebook.

What happens when your teenage daughter openly disses you on Facebook? If you're Tommy Jordan of Albermarle, N.C., you get even.

Jordan has become something of an Internet sensation since he let everyone in the cyberworld know just how unhappy he was with something his 15 year-old daughter, Hannah, wrote about him on Facebook.

In an eight-minute video on YouTube titled, "Facebook Parenting: For the Troubled Teen," Jordan reads his daughter's curse-littered diatribe that bemoans her parents for making her do chores and apply for jobs.

Is it wrong for a parent to use social media against their own child when the child used Facebook to criticize them?

"I'm tired of picking up after you," Hannah wrote. "You tell me at least once a day that I need to get a job. You could just pay me for all the s**t that I do around the house. Every day when I get home from school, I have to do dishes, clean the counter tops, all the floors, make all the beds, do the laundry and get the trash. I'm not even going to mention all the work I do around your clinic."

Besides his own commentary - "Pay you for the chores, seriously? Pay you for chores that you're supposed to do around the house?" - Jordan makes a bold statement by shooting several rounds from his handgun into Hannah's computer, essentially preventing her from ever posting anything on Facebook again, at least until she can afford to buy her own computer to do it.

The entire response was posted on both YouTube and on Hannah's Facebook page.

This begs the question: is what Tommy Jordan did out-of-line? Should he have kept the issue private or is this openly public punishment right-on in terms of outing a teenager who used an open forum like Facebook to criticize her parents in the first place?

Join in the discussion in the comments below and tell us what you think of this very public grounding.

Kevin H February 14, 2012 at 01:03 AM
Scott Raynor that's HIS computer. He bought that for her to do her school work, Facebook, etc. but she abused that. So technically he can do whatever he wants to it including upgrading $130 worth of new programs for school for HER. He was in the right to punish her like that even though I don't think it should be 2-3 years of grounding but she made the choice to abuse facebook not only in this instance but also the other episode the dad mentioned just a few months earlier of his daughter doing the same thing.
Fennel February 15, 2012 at 11:46 PM
She was disrespectful to her parents, and the woman who "cleans" for them. She lied about the amount of chores she had to do, which her dad addressed. She has only to make her own bed, empty the dishwasher, sweep the floors and wipe down the counter. That's not exactly indentured servitude. I can't believe how demeaning she was in her letter! Dad did the right thing.
Jack Wright February 16, 2012 at 04:41 AM
I think your missing the point a little. Shooting the computer isn't about punishment its about getting the teenagers attention ! My kids use the the saying "go big or go home". Ever notice that everything in a teenagers life is overblown ? If you don't get their attention all the "time outs" and long talks get you nothing. Are they talking now? yes, Did he get her attention ... you bet .
Kyle Dancer February 16, 2012 at 06:08 AM
When I try to punish my kids I post slutty pictures of them on Facebook so everyone at their schools call them sluts! hahaha it's hilarious!!
Tony Fang (tf245yay) February 18, 2012 at 06:54 AM
Is it just the chores that are causing her to rebel? Or is it simply that the parents were "oppressive" in a way that would want the daughter to rebel. And Hannah's 15/16 at least ABOVE 13. Facebook states that everyone above 13 can have a Facebook. Who gave the father the right to creep into her account. And let's all say is shooting into a laptop a good example?!?


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