Obama Returning to Iowa - Again

President Barack Obama is expected to stop in Cedar Rapids on Tuesday. It would be his fourth trip to Iowa this year.

Just in case Iowans thought he didn't care, President Barack Obama plans to swing back through the state - again - next week.

Obama is planning a campaign stop in Cedar Rapids on Tuesday, July 10, multiple news outlets are reporting. The details haven't yet been released.

This will be this year, and Vice President was in Waterloo last week. In all, Obama, Biden or First Lady Michelle Obama have made nine trips to Iowa since January.

Clearly, the Obama Administration really wants Iowa to be a blue state in 2012. Obama won Iowa in 2008, but Republicans claimed it in 2004. His opponent, former Massachusetts governor , has also been a frequent guest. Romney has stopped here three times since the Iowa Caucus, the Des Moines Register reports.

Even though Iowa only carries six electoral votes, the swing state is seen as up for grabs this year and a key to winning the presidency.

Iowa is considered among the “toss-up battleground states,” Dianne Bystrom, director of the Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics at Iowa State University, told the Sioux City Journal.

“Although Iowa has just six electoral votes, it is usually included among the paths to victory for either candidate in what is predicted to be a very close election and coming down to the truly toss-up states,” she said.

The Sioux City Journal is reporting the president will talk about "a clear economic choice between an economy that grows from the middle out and one that grows from the top down."


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